Kickstart Your New Year into High Gear!

What Do Solopreneurs, Coaches and Authors Do When They Can’t Sleep During the Post Midnight Hours of New Year’s Day?

Well, Here’s What I Did! Made Little Videos!! What a Life! Right? You Gotta Love It!

Anyone else not able to sleep during the wee small hours following the midnight celebration of the new year? I’m a night owl to begin with…but a new year is always filled with hope, anticipation, excitement and a sense of optimism. So, my energy was so high I had to determine the best way to use it.

Well, since my Mac and I spend a lot of time together anyway, I decided to sit down in front of my dear Mac and employ the services of Photo Booth, to put together some brief videos outlining some of the steps I incorporated into the first couple of days of 2011 to kickstart it into high gear. Though I have shared them on Facebook and Twitter, it dawned on me that my blog was the perfect – and most centralized – place to share this pertinent info.

One you’ve had a chance to watch the videos – and they’re really short, so it’ll take less than 5 minutes! – just pop a comment into the box below and share your thoughts, gratitudes (you’ll understand this after you watch the first video), plans and objectives for the start of this amazing year.

Thanks so much for dropping by and…Remember to post your comments below.

Much Love

Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor

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