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“Don’t let the simplicity of this proven system deceive you. The SECRET to making “INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy and Vitality!” work quickly for you is to consistently take action to apply these easy 5-minute instantly energizing tips and tools. Be patient, follow this simple, yet comprehensive, Ebook and audios explicitly, and I’m really confident that you’ll be delighted with what you accomplish.”

– DR Marilyn Joyce,  The Vitality Doctor™



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Here’s your 10 Easy 5-Minute Energy Boosters ebook – and the Pyramid of E.N.E.R.G.Y.™ – your promised bonus guides to help you achieve your best health ever…

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And here’s an ADDITIONAL BONUS – the mp3 describing what the 5 Essential Universal Keys are and how you can easily and quickly implement into your daily life with grace and ease….

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And here’s ANOTHER BONUS – the mp3 of My Cancer Journey and The Tools, Tips and Strategies I learned that saved my life…and have saved thousands of lives over the years!

Dr Joyce’s Journey From Wheelchair To Stage – Steps You Can Take Today To Save Your Life Tomorrow (right click and ‘save target as’)


If you’re like most of us, you want focused, personalized, private, one-on-one help to really get your healthy systems in place so that you never have to experience that tanked out, completely fatigued, stressed out, overwhelmed and anxiety ridden feeling again! And science proves that you need 90 to 100 days of consistent practice to make your healthy systems and practices habits. That’s how I can definitely help and guide you. And let’s face it, no one knows better than another busy medical professional caregiver, who’s also a cancer survivor, and 30-year thriver, how to do this! I want you to experience that wonderful feeling of unstoppable energy and vitality, no matter what else is happening in your life! To get started today on kicking your health, energy and vitality into the highest gear you’ve ever known, click here now: Fast Health Laser Coaching