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Raw Chocolate: Food For Your Body – And Your Soul

Nothing Beats Real Raw Chocolate for Transforming Stress Into Vibrant Unstoppable Energy!

Now, I do realize that there are a few folks out there that aren’t into chocolate. But my theory is that they simply haven’t tasted the real thing! What do you think?

After all most of the chocolate out there is manufactured garbage, processed at high temperatures and contains a plethora of man-made chemical compounds, most of which the average person can’t even read, far less understand what they actually are!


Once someone has eaten the real deal, made from at least 70% raw cacao, and the addition of only natural, whole food ingredients (preferably raw also), all providing various essential nutrients and health-enhancing properties, they will never go back to the synthetic varieties of chocolates made by the huge money-grubbing conglomerates!

And the best part about raw chocolate is that it’s not only good for you, it tastes great too! And as we all learned on “The Dr Marilyn Joyce Show” this past February 10th, when you savor it fully, you’ll transform any stress you’re feeling into unstoppable energy and vitality! Hey, what more could you ask for? 🙂

So today I’m sharing with you my new favorite that was just introduced to me at the Natural Products Expo this past weekend in Anaheim CA. I’d suggest you get the box of the 12 best and just try all of them to decide which one(s) you enjoy the most. Visit: http://www.gnosischocolate.com/.

And remember, it’s quality not quantity that we’re going for. So, a little goes a long way! And a small piece of this amazing real raw chocolate will satisfy your body and your soul ten times more effectively and efficiently than the sugar and fat loaded “c__p” out there in the mainstream market.

Love to hear your thoughts on this…so make sure you leave your comments below. Your input makes the difference between this blog being of value – or not!

Much love
Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™

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Disclaimer: I’m NOT an affiliate for this amazing product – though I probably should be! – so I do not make any commission should you decide to invest in your health with these delicious healthy raw chocolate bars…